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03/09/2017 – Spring Prevention Tips and News

Greetings Prevention Partners, and welcome to Prevention Works!VT's monthly newsletter! Spring is almost here and we have a lot of different ways to support prevention whether at the personal, community or policy level. PW!VT had a busy winter! We held the second...

10/25/17 Prevention Works Newsletter

What do Halloween and Substance Abuse Have in Common? Halloween has its own unique relationship with intoxication. After all, Halloween is all about trying on a different identity, seeking thrills, exploring the darker corners of human imagination and experiences. It...

04/07/2017 – Welcome from Prevention Works VT!

Greetings and Happy April from Prevention Works!VT! It's Alcohol Awareness Month! Read below for more information about prevention when it comes to one of the most socially acceptable yet surprisingly dangerous substances April 29th is the...

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