PW!VT is a statewide coalition of community prevention coalitions. 

Our vision is that all communities in Vermont are healthy, safe and thriving.

Our mission is to create and lead advocates to work collaboratively on policy, practice and attitudes that promote prevention, health and wellness with one voice.

Entity Status    PW!VT does not hold official status with the IRS.  Any tax-exempt funds raised by PW!VT must be accepted on its behalf by a fiscal agent, with the proper status to receive such funds.

Membership    Anyone who participates in a meeting, helps in planning an activity, or otherwise contributes to the mission of PW!VT is considered a member.

Steering Committee

Role: The Steering Committee has the responsibility for general management of PW!VT and its projects, making all final decisions on fiscal, programming, hiring, policy, and other affairs of the organization.

Composition: The Steering Committee will consist of a minimum of seven and maximum of eleven members.  First and foremost, steering committee members shall have a commitment to the mission of PW!VT and a belief that prevention works.  The organization aims to include broad representation from our prevention partners across the state.

Annual Elections: Election of Steering Committee members will be held annually in the month of June.  All seats will be nominated and seconded by members of the standing Steering Committee, and elected by a 2/3rds vote of the standing Steering Committee.  A Steering Committee member may not vote for her- or himself.

Terms: Steering Committee members serve a two-year term beginning in July.  Members may be re-elected for additional terms.

Interim Terms: Seats vacated mid-term by resignation or removal may be filled through appointment by the Steering Committee.  Filling of such vacancies will be on an interim basis, with the interim member serving until the next annual elections are held.

Resignation: A Steering Committee member may resign upon notification to one of the Co-Chairs.

Removal: If the conduct of a Steering Committee member is called into question, after due discussion including an opportunity for the member to provide a defense, said member may be removed by a 2/3rds vote of the entire Steering Committee. 

Steering Committee Officer

Officer Positions and Responsibilities


  • Communicate regularly with the Coordinator.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Steering Committee and coordinator.
  • Reviews with the Coordinator any issues of concern to the Steering Committee.
  • Suggest agenda items to ensure significant, policy related matters are addressed.


  • Review and maintain a file of minutes of all meetings of the Steering Committee.
  • Ensure that all official records of the Steering Committee are kept orderly and securely.

Treasurer/Fiscal Agent Liaison

  • Oversee the accurate and responsible use and accounting of funds.
  • Assist fiscal agent in preparing quarterly financial reports.
  • Present quarterly budget reports to the Steering Committee.
  • Inform the Steering Committee regularly of PW’s financial status.
  • Assist the coordinator in preparing the annual budget and presenting the budget to the Steering Committee for approval.


Meeting Procedure: PW!VT meetings will be held monthly. Meetings will be facilitated by the Co-Chairs or Coordinator. Meeting agendas will be sent in advance of the meeting.

Minutes: Responsibility for recording and distributing minutes will be assumed by staff.

Quorum: A simple majority of Steering Committee members present at a meeting or attending by phone constitutes a quorum.

Voting: Decisions will be made by consensus. However, if no consensus can be reached then decisions will be made by 2/3rds majority vote.

Committees: The Steering Committee may establish, as needed, committees to carry out specific tasks. Such committees may meet at their own discretion between meetings of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will appoint co-chairs for each sub-committee and the committee co-chairs will be responsible for communicating regularly with the Steering Committee.

91 VT Route 11
Londonderry, Vermont 05148
Phone: (802) 824-4200

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